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Independent Shared Housing

At JKR Foundation we provide non-medical independent shared housing designed to support individuals seeking a substance-free living environment. Home sharing enables two or more unrelated people to share a single-family home for their mutual benefit. At JKR Foundation we offer shared bedrooms, shared common areas, and shared utilities. With this independent shared housing model, participants are not alone in their journeys as they support each other while they strive to build the lives of their dreams.



Our JKR Foundation homes are single-family homes with easy access to transit and shops . At  JKR Foundation, everyone deserves a safe, supportive and comfortable space to make their home. The our homes are the perfect place to allow these individuals to continue to lay their own personal foundation towards health, peace and happiness. This is why our  JKR Foundation have high expectations in order to reflect the beauty, character, and grace. 

Our Difference

By participating in the JKR Foundation homes, you will gain a home that helps and supports your dreams and ambitions to live joyfully while abstaining from drugs and alcohol. In addition, our homes support learning and practicing new skills that are instrumental to achieving financial freedom and assist participants in their life pursuits. 

We have partnered with U BANK and their community financial wellness initiative to provide personalized financial literacy training for our participants. Additionally, we collaborate with certified mental health professionals to provide mentorship and counseling, assisting participants in building emotional intelligence and resilience while they are on their growth journey. 

Each aspect of the JKR Foundation homes is designed to help participants instill GRIT as they maintain an active and focused lifestyle, following their passions, while living a life of purpose.