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We offer single-family homes in safe neighborhoods to those recovering from substance abuse, veterans, individuals with a justice background, foster adults, and others needing secure housing. Our housing is exceptional, while our social service partners offer funding, services, and oversight.

Our approach is centered around individuals and teamwork. We collaborate with agencies that support our shared clients, and we believe in investing in people and positively impacting the world.

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Our Mission​

Our mission is to offer a nurturing and empowering sanctuary for individuals facing life’s transitions and challenges. We are dedicated to supporting veterans, those recovering from addiction, survivors of domestic abuse, young adults from the foster system, and people with disabilities. By providing safe, inclusive, and supportive housing within caring communities, we enable our residents to rebuild their lives with dignity, fostering resilience and independence. Our commitment extends to nurturing mental and emotional wellness, as we believe in the strength and potential of each individual to overcome adversity and thrive.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of recovery residences, where mutual support, serenity, and compassion are the foundations of transformation. We strive to empower individuals through education in self-sufficiency and confidence building, acknowledging addiction as a treatable condition. We are committed to enhancing lives by promoting courage and personal growth, recognizing that courage is the key to embarking on new journeys, embracing risks, and building confidence through successful experiences. Our goal is to create an environment where individuals can grow, heal, and rediscover their strengths in a supportive and understanding community.