Veterans With Housing Insecurities


    • HUD shows that female veterans are two to three times more likely to be homeless than any other group in the US adult population.
    • Veterans between the ages of 18 and 30 are twice as likely as adults in the general population to experience homelessness.
    • Half suffer from mental illness; two-thirds suffer from substance abuse problems; and many from dual diagnosis
    • Veterans tend to experience homelessness longer than their non-veteran peers. Research shows that the greatest risk factors for homelessness are lack of support and social isolation after discharge. Social networks are particularly important for those who have a crisis or need temporary help. Without this assistance, they are at high risk for homelessness.
    • With an estimated 500,000 veterans homeless at some time during the year, the VA reaches 20% of those in need, leaving 400,000 veterans without supportive services.