Rosenberg Archive on Hatred and Antisemitism

In 2016 the Foundation announced the creation of the Rosenberg Archives on Hatred and Antisemitism, housed at Bard College.
The collection contains primary and secondary sources, including:
1) The trial record (including expert reports) of the historic Holocaust denial case of David Irving vs. Penguin and Deborah Lipstadt.
2) A complete set of the Journal of Hate Studies.
3) Monographs, press releases, and internal reports from a variety of organizations and foundations concerned with hatred and antisemitism.
4) Doctoral dissertations and other primary source material about various antisemitic figures, movements, and events from the early 20th century onward (including a 1913 stenographic record of the Beilis trial).
5) Antisemitic publications, including the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, various materials by or about Father Coughlin, etc.
A full list of the collection is available here.