A model interdisciplinary college-level syllabus on antisemitism is available for download here.
A model law school and upper-level university syllabus on antisemitism and the law is here.
The Foundation’s latest syllabus is an interdisciplinary approach to difficult issues. What happens to thinking (on a neurobiological level, social psychological level, culturally, etc.) when an issue engages identity and a sense of justice? Why are the capacities for empathy, nuance, and to acknowledge one might be wrong compromised? Students will understand why difficult issues are difficult to discuss, including abortion, immigration, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The syllabus is here.
A model interdisciplinary syllabus on hatred (prepared as a summer fellowship project by Yael Slater and Samanatha Karlin in 2007 under Ken Stern’s supervision) is here.
JKR Foundation staff helped Bard College’s Hannah Arendt Center, Center for Civic Engagement, and Human Rights Project envision a teaching project on hate (with the help of Atlantic Philanthropies). Four courses (see syllabi) were taught in the Bard network in fall 2014 (one in New York, one in Berlin, one in the West Bank and one in Kyrgyzstan). Foundation staff helped organize an essay contest between the classes. Winning essays are posted here.