Opposing BDS

The Foundation opposes the movement to promote Boycotts/Divestment/Sanctions (BDS) again Israel.
Our primary BDS-related work is opposing boycotts of Israeli academic institutions and/or of Israeli academics. The premise of a university is that ideas —  not the nationality of those presenting the ideas — matters. A boycott of academics is more aptly termed a blacklist.
We are also concerned with economic and cultural boycotts of Israel. We believe such efforts are misguided at best, and pernicious at worst. BDS serves to strengthen the extremists on both sides of the conflict, and thus make peace less likely.
Our short guide to understanding BDS, released in June 2016, is a useful primer — with case studies.
We work closely with the Alliance for Academic Freedom, which opposes academic boycotts. The Executive Director of the Foundation serves on the AAF’s Executive Committee.
The Foundation’s Executive Director has also spoken at synagogues, conferences, and universities about BDS.
We have also written extensively about BDS.
Should We Fear BDS?
Book Review: The Case Against Academic Boycotts
See chapters on Durban and material on divestment and boycott in ANTISEMITISM TODAY