Eric Warren Goldman

Rosenberg Foundation Board Member


EG-portraitMr. Goldman is the President of The Extended Family Office Group, LLC, and its affiliate Eric Warren Goldman Consulting, LLC, based in New York City, Trustee and Personal Representative to several Estates & Trusts and Chairman of the Board, Secretary and Co-Treasurer of Hygrosol Pharmaceutical Corp.


For over the past twenty years, Mr. Goldman has been a financial and crisis management consultant, assisting small businesses and high, very high and ultra-high-net worth families in financial and operational restructuring with an emphasis on debt renegotiation. He has held senior management positions in finance-, energy-, and technology-related companies, as well as internships in the areas of arbitrage and venture capital. He has participated in and served as an advisor for transactions totaling over $500 million in value, including the highly successful restructuring of a small division divested from a Fortune 500 telecom company, now known as Sprint Nextel Corp. Additionally, Mr. Goldman was an independent consultant to the Rhode Island Small Business Development Center (RISBDC).


Mr. Goldman received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Bard College and has taken both graduate and professional courses, including the Program on Negotiation (an interuniversity consortium of Harvard University, MIT and Tufts University) for senior executives. He continues to be actively involved with several foundation and non-profit boards. 2016 marked the awarding of his 45th scholarship in Economics at Bard College.