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Recent articles and public letters by Foundation Staff are listed below…


How to Counter White Supremacists Energized By Trump, by Kenneth S. Stern, LA Jewish Journal, August 17, 2017


Why Israel’s Rules to Muzzle Professors Will Only Make Things Worse, The Forward by Cary Nelson on behalf of the Executive Committee of the Alliance for Academic Freedom (David Greenberg, Rebecca Lesses, Kenneth Stern, Deborah Dash Moore, Sharon Musher, Jeffry Mallow and Irene Tucker), July 7, 2017


The Israeli Right Moves Against Academic Freedom, by Cary Nelson on behalf of Executive Committee of the Alliance For Academic Freedom (David Greenberg, Rebecca Lesses, Kenneth Stern, Deborah Dash Moore, Sharon Musher, Jeffry Mallow and Irene Tucker) June 26, 2017


Everyone Lost at Dartmouth, Inside Higher Education, by Kenneth S. Stern, Cary Nelson, David Greenberg, Rebecca Lesses, Deborah Dash Moore, Sharon Musher, Jeffry Mallow and Irene Tucker (June 19, 2017)


How Legislative Efforts to Define Antisemitism Threaten Academic Freedom, Academe Blog (AAUP), by Kenneth S. Stern and Ernst Benjamin (May 5, 2017)


S.C. Anti-Semitism Bill Isn’t Needed, The Post & Courier, by Kenneth S. Stern, April 26, 2017


Statement to South Carolina Senate Higher Education Subcommittee (on antisemitism legislation), by Kenneth S. Stern, April 25, 2017


What Will It Take For Donald Trump to Condemn Anti-Semitism?, Forward, by Kenneth S. Stern, February 16, 2017


How Trump Empowers White Supremacists and Jihadis Alike, Forward, by Kenneth S. Stern, February 5, 2017


Correspondent of the Day: Anti-Semitism Legislation Bad Idea,  Richmond Times Dispatch, by Kenneth S. Stern, February 3, 2017


How to Honor MLK Legacy in Whitefish, Montana, CNN, by Kenneth S. Stern, January 13, 2017


What to Do When Antisemitic Bullies Come To Town, by Kenneth S. Stern (January 2, 2017) (Reprinted in LA Jewish Journal)


Will Campus Criticism of Israel Violate Federal Law?, (The New York Times), by Kenneth. S. Stern. (December 12, 2016)


Letter to Members of Congress opposing legislation that violates academic freedom and would harm Jewish students, by Kenneth S. Stern (December 6, 2016)


The Blacklist in the Coal Mine, by Kenneth Stern (with David Greenberg, Rebecca Lesses, Jeffry Mallow, Deborah Dash Moore, Sharon Ann Musher, Cary Nelson and Irene Tucker) (October 26, 2016)


Decal Debacle, by Kenneth Stern (with David Greenberg, Rebecca Lesses, Jeffry Mallow, Deborah Dash Moore, Sharon Ann Musher, Cary Nelson and Irene Tucker) (October 7, 2016)


My Behind The Scenes DENIAL Story, by Kenneth Stern (September 15, 2016)


Campus BDS and the law: First, do no harm, by Kenneth Stern (June 21, 2016)


March 21, 2016 Letter to University of California President Janet Napolitano regarding UC Principles of Intolerance.


Worldwide Terror: Connecting the ISIS Dots, by Kenneth Stern (November 30, 2015)


OPINION-SF Chronicle, How UC Can Respond To Bigoted Speech Without Censorship, by Justus Rosenberg and Kenneth Stern (also at SF Chronicle Website) (August 20, 2015)


Should a Major University System Have A Particular Definition of Antisemitism? by Kenneth Stern (June 22, 2015)


British University Shouldn’t Cancel Anti-Israel Conference by Kenneth Stern and Cary Nelson (April 1, 2015)


What’s in a name? That which we call Islamic by Kenneth Stern (February 26, 2015)


Book Review: The Case Against Academic Boycotts by Kenneth Stern (February 16, 2015)


War on Campus by Kenneth Stern and Cary Nelson (January 23, 2015)


We Need To Understand Hatred Better If We Are Serious About Fighting Antisemitism By Kenneth Stern (September 12, 2014)


Should We Fear BDS? By Kenneth Stern and Michael Berenbaum (April 30, 2014)


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Articles and blogs which cite or quote the Foundation or its written material are listed below…


On Antisemitism,” (RAVBLOG by Rabbi Rachel Timoner, July 18, 2017)


Anti-Semitism: Is Hostility Toward Jews On The Rise Worldwide? (CQ Researcher, May 12, 2017)


Anti-Semitism Bill Would Suppress Open Discussion on Israel  (Charleston Post and Courier, May 2, 2017)


Opinion: Jewish Students Deserve a Better Definition of Anti-Semitism (Times of Israel, April 24, 2017)


The Dangers of Sean Spicer’s Soft Holocaust Denialism (Think Progress, April 12, 2017)


Threats Against Jewish Groups Stoke Fears of Rising Anti-Semitism (AFP, March 3, 2017)


Trump Decries Anti-Semitic Acts As “Horrible” Amid Calls For Stronger White House Denunciations (Washington Post, February 21, 2017)


Amid Rising Anti-Semitism, Trump’s Lackluster Response has Jewish Groups Concerned (, February 21, 2017)


National Anti-Hate Organization Hopes to Have Antisemitic Marchers Working Against Themselves (KURL News, January 4, 2017)


Montana Town Celebrates Diversity Amid Threats of an Armed Neo-Nazi March (Huffington Post, January 4, 2017)


White Supremacist March To Be Matched With Human Rights Donations (Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, January 3, 2017)


Colleagues Critique Proposed US Law on Antisemitism (The Third Narrative, December 14, 2016)


Why the Proposed “Antisemitism Awareness Act” is a Bad Idea (The Faculty Lounge, December 13, 2016)


House Puts Off Action on controversial Anti-Semitism Bill (Jewish Telegraphic Agency, December 10, 2016)


Analysis: Why Congress’ New anti-Semitism Bill Won’t Protect Jews (Haaretz, December 10, 2016)


Controversial Anti-Semitism Bill Won’t Pass Congress in 2016 (Haaretz, December 9, 2016)


Expert On Hate Opposes Anti-Semitism Bill — Based on Definition He Created (Forward, December 6, 2016)


ACLU Opposition to Antisemitism Bill (December 5, 2016)


CUNY Under the Anti-Semitism Microscope (Forward, March 30, 2016)


What The Oregon Standoff Reveals about the Militias, Counter-Terror Laws, and the Rural West (, January 6, 2016)


Submission: UC Should Not Adopt Anti-Semitism Definition Which Endangers Debate (UC Daily Bruin, September 17, 2015)


Pro-Israel Students Dislike UC Regents “Intolerance” Statement (San Francisco Chronicle, September 16, 2015)


Biblio File: Bullies, Dissemblers and Slanderers  (Australia/Israel Review, July 30, 2015)


Why U. of California Should Dump 3-D Definition of Antisemitism (Forward, July 22, 2015)


How A Secret Charity Helps Jewish Groups Feel Safe (Forward, April 7, 2015)


Engage: JKR Foundation: British University Shouldn’t Cancel Anti-Israel Conference (UK) (April 2, 2015)


The Third Narrative: An Open Letter To Southampton University (UK) (April 1, 2015)


12K Gift Goes Toward Bard College Internship Program (Daily Freeman March 6, 2015)


Ameinu: Progressive Values In Action: Oppose Both Boycotts of Israel and Occupation of Palestinian Lands (January 30, 2015)


Inside Higher Ed: Decal Debacle (October 7, 2016)


To watch Justus Rosenberg speak about his experiences during World War II, including his work with Varian Fry rescuing artists and intellectuals, and his work in the underground, click here.


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On March 30, 2017 Justus Rosenberg received the Legion of Honor medal, from the French government.


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